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As for Lebanese Emigrant's Files: Our aim is…

To render to every man his due

We offer our services to two main categories of the Lebanese Diaspora
i.e. emigrants and foreigners from Lebanese descents:

• Lebanese Emigrants who wants to manage their privately owned land or the land inherited from their ancestors;

• Lebanese Emigrants and foreigners from Lebanese descents looking forward to solve their land heritance issues.

They will benefit from the following services that aim:

a) To provide land maintenance.

b) To initiate abandoned inherited land research projects that know no boundaries, neither geographic, nor linguistic, nor financial, operated by our qualified and experienced team who uses all required means to reach its targets.

c) To prevent and protect land from any type of legal issues.

d) To provide the required representation (civil or administrative) to hasten emigrants’ files managing process and to reduce costs.

e) To solve all issues related to fees and taxes settlement, legal paper work related to:

• Identity proof or civil registration procedures;

• Probate;

• Transferring ownership;

• Conveyance fees;

Our services know no boundaries even if heirs are facing financial constraints or are in conflict of interest, unable to coordinate, to get along due to the distances separating them, etc.

f) To scout for legal papers in order to fetch the required documents allowing them to revert to their original nationality and to be registered under their ancestors’ civil registration records.

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